2021 Energy Leaders Program is Back!

Begins October 12, 2021

NEFI Energy Leaders Program at Dartmouth

The NEFI Energy Leaders Program has been created to enhance high-level executive skills in critical topics such as:

  • Leadership - communication, personal influence and encouraging future leaders
  • Strategy - vision, managing and leading change and managing growth
  • Innovation -frameworks for unique solutions and new lines of business
  • Disruption - leading through changing times and exploring new opportunities for growth

The Energy Leaders Program has been re-imagined and restructured to help industry professionals identify and respond the most pressing issues of our day - the clean energy/carbon tax debate and ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and safety. View the full press release here.


Our new virtual format makes participating in the Energy Leaders Program easier than ever before.

  • Virtual ZOOM sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Oct. 12 - Nov 4, 2021
  • 9:30 am- 12:45 pm schedule gives company leaders time to lead their companies!
  • Price has been cut drastically
  • No additional travel or accommodation costs
  • Team registration allows for multiple attendees - two per session!
  • We ask that one "team lead" attend all eight sessions
  • The additional place can be the same secondary participant, or rotate amongst company leadership (e.g., the Finance Director may wish to attend just the finance session with the team lead participant)

The MBA-level seminars will still be led by energy business experts from the Tuck Revers Center for Energy at Dartmouth and the program will still offer unmatched networking and growth opportunities.

Full Schedule (click for pdf)

Brochure (click for pdf)

Deadline For Registration extended to Monday, October 4, 2021


Session Objectives:

Professor Syd Finkelstein

Understand the importance of culture in organizations, what a new manager faces upon arrival and the impacts of change.
Professor Geoff Parker

This session is aimed at executives, investors, and entrepreneurs interested in creating, managing, or understanding business platforms. Firms such as Amazon, Facebook, Kloeckner Metals, SAP, and Siemens manage ecosystems in which third parties add value. Platforms can be particularly disruptive in fragmented service markets. The goal is to explain how platform firms operate, disrupt incumbents, modify traditional rules of strategy and what some potential responses to platforms might be.
Professor Ron Adner

Develop a new way of thinking about your firm's position vis-a-vis its customers, rivals and partners in order to accelerate the path to profitable growth. Uncover the new set of challenges that interdependence creates and present a powerful new framework for successfully managing these challenges.
Professor Jordan Schoenfeld

This session will explore how to create value through the financial recruiting process (e.g., communicating effectively with investors, exploring unique investment mechanisms, raising money in a non-conventional way) using case studies to explore options, evaluate tradeoffs, and how to operationalize.
Professor Vijay "VG" Govindarajan

The Three-Box Solution describes the framework for managing a business's responsibility to take action in three time horizons at once: executing the present core business at peak efficiency (Box 1); taking steps to avoid the inhibiting traps of past success (Box 2); and innovating a future built on breakthrough ideas (Box 3). The session shows the distinctive skills each box requires, how the boxes interrelate, and what it takes to balance them.
Professor Paul Argenti

In this session participants will develop a connection between strategy development and execution, use strategic communication to create integration, and create communication strategies for personal leadership.
Professor Kevin Lane Keller

Establish strong competitive positions and create intense, active relationships with your customers. Integrate online and offline marketing programs and activities and align internal and external marketing. Understand ROI of marketing investments, leverage brand equity across categories and markets and design and implement your own brand strategies.
Professor Syd Finkelstein

Discuss lessons from "spawners of talent" and understand what separates good and very good leaders from the best. Learn how to create and maintain and leadership pipeline.


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NEFI Education Foundation, Inc.

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See What Past Attendees Had to Say...

"The Dartmouth Executive Program was life changing. The educational piece was fantastic and the professors at Dartmouth, and more specifically Tuck, are best in class. Just as important as the educational component was the opportunity to network with high quality individuals in the industry. I have stayed in touch with several and have leaned on them to help expedite my learning curve. The lesson on the wide lens theory is something I think about daily – looking at the whole picture and asking, ‘What Else, Who Else, and How Can They Be Aligned?’"

Brookes Townsend, Director of Sales and Marketing, Townsend Energy

"I found the Energy Leaders Program to be enlightening and enjoyable. As an industry leader I definitely got my money’s worth. The theme of the week focused on developing business strategies for anticipating disruptions in the market. The program had us approach our issues in an intellectually strategic way and gave us the opportunity to think about the broader picture of the market, take ourselves out of the day-to-day operations and look at the industry with a wider lens and long-term perspective."

David Singer, Chief Executive Officer, Robison Oil

"What we learned from the standpoint of leadership, disruption, innovation, strategic communications … it was transformational. It is a great opportunity for owners, young owners and aspiring senior management to look at your business and your challenges differently. To recognize, adapt and respond to change. The NEFI Tuck Leaders Program was both rigorous and dynamic, yet even when we had some downtime, our conversations came back to the program, what we were learning and how we could execute these ideas and strategies in our businesses. In my experience, that is very unique. Two things, specifically, resonated. One is the stunning pace of change going on around us, and what the next 2 or 5 years will look like. The other is the importance of leadership and the techniques which allowed me to implement some of these strategies immediately."

Jim Townsend, Chief Executive Officer, Townsend Energy

"Regardless of how satisfied you are with your current business operations, the program forces you to take a step back and look at your business in a new light. Reviewing case studies from both successful and unsuccessful companies, we then applied them to our industry’s current challenges. At MacFarlane, we are using many of these strategies to cultivate future leadership from within and mentoring staff for growth on all levels."

Scott E. MacFarlane, Vice President, MacFarlane Energy