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With NEFI Weather Services, NEFI members can receive weekly weather alerts ensuring that you are always well-informed about upcoming weather conditions.

  • Enhanced Services: National Weather Forecasting brings a wealth of experience and technological advancements to the table. They are one of the very few weather services that actually has their own model (called the SuperBlend), which they feel is significantly more precise than the other models in use today, allowing us to provide you with more precise and reliable weather information.

  • Online Access to Degree Day Data: National Weather Forecasting’s user-friendly website will allow you to access degree day data from hundreds of weather stations located throughout many states, on your schedule. This valuable resource will assist you in making informed decisions and optimizing your operations.
  • Coverage: 200 locations across the country. Additional locations within the United States can be added upon request
  • Weather Discussions: (Detailed discussions about the expected temperature and storm patterns) - Usually issued on a Monday (52 reports yearly)
  • Weather Updates & Disruptive Storm Forecasts: (Brief review and latest trends of items in the weather discussion)
  • Rolling 10 Day Degree-Day Forecasts from major weather stations
  • Actual Degree-Day data from major weather stations, with historical degree day date from same location
  • 10 Day Forecast of highs and lows
  • Annual Winter Weather Forecast webinars

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