Retail Fuel Membership Application

Retail Subscriber membership shall be composed of retail distributors, corporations, firms or individuals engaged in the sale or distribution of distributive energy products and related services or in the sale, distribution, installation or servicing of liquid and solid fuel burning equipment or accessories at retail or wholesale. All Retail Fuel Members shall be entitled to be voting members.

Annual membership dues are below. You may pay your membership dues by credit card or check.

If you choose to pay by check, it must be sent within 10 days to:

PO Box 822
Wilmington, MA 01887

For questions about membership please contact us at 617-924-1000 or email

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Dues Gallonage Scale Member of State Assoc. Not a Member of State Assoc.
Industry Retirees
Up to 500,000 Gallons
500,000 - 1 Million Gallons
1 Million Gallons or More
2 Million Gallons or More
3 Million Gallons or More
5 Million Gallons or More
7 Million Gallons or More
10 Million Gallons or More
15 Million Gallons or More
25 Million Gallons or More

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