NEFI Multiple Employer Retirement Plan (MEP)

Multiple Employer Retirement Plan

NEFI has created a Multiple Employer Retirement Plan (MEP) to benefit all NEFI Members.

Employee benefits are an essential part of any business, helping to retain and attract valuable employees and helping business owners meet their financial goals.

Legislatively there are many changes currently happening and more expected soon as lawmakers attempt to address what they consider to be a looming retirement crisis.

The NEFI MEP offers members the following benefits:

  • Cost Efficiency - The best investment options available at the lowest prices.
  • No annual audit for eligible companies, saving owners $10,000 - $15,000 annually.
  • No more form 5500's!
  • Fiduciary Support.
  • Admin support with most HR functions of administering the plan.
  • Open architecture in plan design, allowing each company to design the plan with the right features and benefits for them.

Point of Contact:
Taylor Nissi | Phone: 978-732-3115