Officers & Board of Directors

Approved at the Annual Meeting on June 21, 2023
*Indicates Advisory/Non-Voting Board Members

Board Officers

First Last Company Terms Expire
Acting President & CEO Jim Collura National Energy & Fuels Institute n/a
Chairperson Ray Hart Hart Home Comfort 2024
Vice Chairperson Ted Noonan Noonan Energy 2024
Treasurer Marty Kirshner Gray, Gray & Gray 2024
Secretary Claudette Townsend Dead River Company 2024
Immediate Past Chair Edward Scott Scott Energy 2024

Affiliated Association Officer Representatives

First Last Company Terms Expire
CT President/Chair  Kate Childs Tuxis Ohr Fuel n/a
ME President/Chair Charlie Burnham Charlie Burnham Heating n/a
MA President/Chair Art Chaves Coan Oil n/a
NH President/Chair Dave Richard D.F. Richard Energy n/a
RI President/Chair Ken Bousquet Consumers Propane n/a
VT President/Chair Manny Fletcher Fyles Brothers n/a

Heating Fuel Retailers (Up to 50)

First Last Company Terms Expire
Director Mark Allen W. H. Riley & Son, Inc. 2025
Director Kory Arthur Santa Energy 2024
Director Rick Bologna Westmore Fuel Company 2024
Director Levi Bourne Bourne's Energy 2024
Director John Bowman F.F. Hitchcock Company 2026
Director Leslie Cernak HOP Energy 2025
Director Casey  Cota Cota & Cota, Inc. 2025
Director Dixie  Cote Davis Oil 2026
Director David Davenport Chili Gas 2026
Director Bob Duffy Devaney Energy 2026
Director Catherine Erasmus Taylor Energy & Energy Direct 2025
Director Mike Estes Estes Oil & Propane 2026
Director Dan Falcone Approved Oil 2025
Director Sandra Farrell Northboro Oil Company, Inc. 2024
Director Ben Fawcett Fawcett Energy Partners 2024
Director David Foster Wilcox Energy 2024
Director Royce Friedman Standard Oil of Connecticut 2026
Director Mark Gagnon P. Gagnon & Son, Inc. 2026
Director Sam  Gault Gault Energy 2026
Director Jeff  Hammond Star Group L.P. 2024
Director Allison Heaney Skaggs-Walsh 2024
Director James Horan Horan Oil Corporation 2026
Director Michael Januario Sunshine Fuels 2024
Director Jennifer Johnson McKee Energy Solutions 2026
Director Karen Korrow Gillespie Fuels 2026
Director Marc LaCasse Augusta Fuel 2026
Director Scott E. MacFarlane MacFarlane Energy 2025
Director Donald Mitchell Norbert E. Mitchell Co. 2026
Director Mike Niccoli Niccoli Oil & Energy 2025
Director Greg Nido Guy E. Nido Company 2025
Director Steve Oehlert Oehlert Brothers, Inc 2025
Director Alex Parulan Petro/Star Group 2025
Director Jeff Pierson Foley Oil Company, Inc. 2025
Director Adam Scott Scott Energy 2026
Director Anthony Sileccia Jr. Petro/Stargroup 2025
Director Gary  Sippin Sippin Energy 2024
Director Craig  Snyder BantamWesson 2026
Director Bruce  Spiridonoff Tevis Energy 2025
Director Brookes Townsend Townsend Energy 2026
Director James Townsend Townsend Energy 2026
Director Charles Uglietto Cubby Oil Company 2026
Director Carter Vaillancourt Daigle Oil Company 2024
Director Erinn Woodcock Needham Oil & Air 2024

Energy Wholesalers (Up to 10)

First Last Company Terms Expire
Director Ben Basil  Northville Industries 2024
Director Tim Keaveney Hero BX 2026
Director Jason Lawrence Renewable Energy Group 2026
Director Quincy Longacre Buckeye Energy 2024
Director John McCusker Global Companies LLC 2025
Director Gregory O’Connor Sprague Energy 2026
Director Joyce  Porto Inland Fuel Terminals 2024
Director Stephen  Sack Sack Energy 2026
Director Carrie Tomforde Irving Oil Company 2026

Associate Members (Up to 10)

First Last Company Terms Expire
Director Rich Carrione Warm Thoughts Communications, Inc. 2026
Director Dan Head Brown Brothers Harriman 2025
Director Fred Hunt R.W. Beckett 2026
Director Rich Larkin Hedge Solutions, Inc. 2024
Director Fred Lord Cetane Associates 2024
Director Danny Silverman Angus Energy 2022
Director Mike Trask Hall Trask Equipment, Inc. 2026
Director Leo Verruso Advanced Fuel Solutions 2026
Director Michelle Wilson Consumer Focus 2025

General Industry Representatives

First Last Company Terms Expire
Director Steve Abbate Cetane Associates 2024
Director Kevin Beckett R.W. Beckett 2025
Director Joseph Cote Dennis K Burke 2026
Director Gene Geoblys World Energy 2024
Director James Jones Carlin Combustion Technology 2026
Director John McConville United Metro Energy 2025
Director Richard Rutigliano PriMedia, Inc. 2026
Director Katrina Scully Ohl Scully Signal Company 2025
Director Walt Wehof Wehof Forms 2026
Director Doug Woosnam Cetane Associates 2025

Directors Emeritus

First Last Company Terms Expire
Director Emeritus Richard Horan, Sr. Devaney Energy n/a
Past Chair Christopher Keyser Keyser Energy/HOP Partners n/a
Past Chair Edward Noonan Noonan Energy Corporation n/a
Past Chair Robert Wesson BantamWesson Energy n/a

Affiliated Association Executives*

First Last Company
Executive Director Stephanie Austin Vermont Fuel Dealers Assn.
VFDA Consultant Matt Cota Vermont Fuel Dealers Assn.
Executive VP Michael Ferrante Mass. Energy Marketers Assn.
President & CEO Chris Herb Conn. Energy Marketers Assn.
Director Rocco Lacertosa New York State Energy Coalition, Inc
Executive Director Diane Quesnelle Energy Marketers Assn. of RI
Executive Director Bob Sculley Energy Marketers Assn. of NH
Executive Director Joe Sculley Energy Marketers Assn. of NH
President Charlie Summers Maine Energy Marketers Assn.
Executive Director Tom Tubman American Energy Coalition
President Mike Devine National Oilheat Research Alliance
Don Farrell Oilheat Manufacturers Association