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About the NEFI Employee Assistance Program

coastline-single.pngNEFI’s Employee Assistance Program is available at a discounted rate to all member employees and their family members. Experienced, compassionate consultants are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with immediate support as well as referral and follow-up services. To ensure complete confidentiality, we have contracted with Coastline EAP to provide management and professional staff services for our Employee Assistance Program. Supervisor's learn how to approach distressed employees, focus on performance issues and initiate difficult conversations using Coastlines convenient webinars.

A Coastline EAP Consultant can help with any number of personal problems, including but not limited to: emotional troubles, family stress, alcohol or drug addiction, relationship conflicts, and legal or financial difficulties.

Equally important to delivery business owners, NEFI's Employee Assistance Program can help get your suspended or disqualified drivers back on the road, safe and soon! As you may know, any driver who refuses or misses an FMCSA-required drug and alcohol test is counted as an immediate fail under DOT regulations. However, if your company is enrolled in the Employee Assistance Program, that driver may be able to get back on the road safely and legally if you can demonstrate they have received help through this program. Keep reading to find out more.

Learn more about Coastline Employee Assistance Program

Coastline EAP Webinar - January 26, 2022

Visit the new Coastline EAP Website: https://coastlineeap.personaladvantage.com/

NEFI member employees and their family members can use the new Coastline EAP website in many ways.

Log in to access new monthly webinars, as well as also over 110 archived webinars. Coastline EAP also offers 60 online skills courses to assist you with employee engagement, leadership development and improve employee performance.

To enroll in the program and gain access to the EAP website, call or email NEFI.

Point of Contact:
benefits@nefi.com | Phone: 617 924-1000