Drug & Alcohol Testing and Driver Qualification Services

ARCpoint DOT Program & Services

ARCpoint Labs has been providing accurate, reliable and confidential testing solutions to federally regulated companies for over 18 years. Learn more about ARCpoint and NEFI’s Drug & Alcohol Testing and Driver Qualification Services by viewing the brochures, webinar videos and email alert archive.

NEFI members can trust ARCpoint Labs for:

  • Random Testing & Test Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Support
  • Medical Exams & Reviews
  • Pre-Employment Screening & Background Checks
  • Driver Qualification File Management
  • Onsite & After Hours Drug Testing Options Available
  • DOT Policy Development
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Best Practices Support (for Non-DOT Businesses)

Enrollment includes random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion drug and breath alcohol testing. Additionally, NEFI members who enroll with ARCpoint receive the following services FREE as an exclusive benefit of their membership: ARCpoint account and email setup, DOT reasonable suspicion training, Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse document package, test management solutions portal access, and quarterly DOT compliance updates.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

Having a compliant drug and alcohol program is crucial to every motor carrier’s business. Make sure your company has the right program in place by partnering with ARCpoint Labs. From a broad network of collection sites to an easy-to-use-web portal, you can be assured that ARCpoint Labs will keep your company on track.

DOT Clearinghouse Services

The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse presents a new set of compliance challenges for FMCSA regulated companies. The regulations change everything from the hiring process, to the wording of drug & alcohol policy, to how to report positive results and more. ARCpoint Labs will help your company with the FMCSA’s Clearinghouse requirements, including violation uploads, queries for current and potential driver employees, and more.

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