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DOT Excludes Electric Vehicle Charging Stations From Environmental Review

admin  -   02:08 pm  -   October 12th, 2023

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a notice that it is adopting the Department of Energy's categorical exclusion of electric vehicle charging stations under the National Environmental Policy Act to use in DOT programs and funding opportunities administered by DOT. This means that a project involving EV charging stations will not be subject to an environmental impact statement, an environmental assessment, or other environmental review under NEPA.

DOT intends to apply this categorical exclusion to any DOT EV charging station project undertaken directly by DOT, to any EV charger action requiring an approval by DOT, or to any project that is financed in whole or in part through Federal funds made available by DOT. The exclusion allows for the installation, modification, operation, and removal of EV charging stations.