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NEFI Joins Letter To President Biden On Driver And Supply Chain Issues

admin  -   10:29 am  -   November 04th, 2021

NEFI has joined 95 other trade associations in an open letter to President Joe Biden seeking regulatory relief and assistance to address the nation's supply chain issues. Specifically, the letter asks for assistance in five areas:

  • A pilot program to enable employers to create a two-stage, safety-focused apprenticeship program to allow younger, qualified drivers - between the ages of 18 and 20 - who satisfy rigorous safety, training, and technology requirements to operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce;

  • Promotion of transportation and supply chain occupations, particularly commercial truck driving, as a career of choice for young persons;

  • Flexibility in COVID vaccine mandates for transportation and supply chain essential workers, particularly truck drivers who spend most of their time in their trucks and have minimal contact with colleagues and customers;

  • Retaining last year's changes to the hours of service regulations that give commercial truck drivers greater flexibility while improving safety and efficiency, and consideration of providing additional hours of service flexibilities that may be needed for the timely delivery of essential goods; and

  • Work to find the causes of inefficiencies at our nation's ports and minimize the bottlenecks and operational practices that prevent the seamless movement of cargo through the supply chain.


NEFI will continue to monitor market conditions and driver issues, especially as the winter gets into full swing. We maintain active lines of communications with partner associations, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and other relevant agencies and organizations. NEFI members are encouraged to reach out regarding any issues that may arise in the months ahead. We otherwise wish all members a safe, profitable, and productive heating season.